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eLearning in the textile arts 


FiberellaStudio.com is a small stone gently tossed into the vast pond of creativity. It’s a source for distance learning, emitting a ripple or invitation to all with an interest in textiles, creativity and modern approaches to art-making.

Paula Scaffidi AKA Fiberella www.fiberella.com



Dedicated to fresh pathways in creativity to all who stop by...


Goals for the individual...

A Place to Develop Your Mind’s Eye

During Fiberella Studio eLearning courses, you'll be able to interact with and learn directly from Paula Scaffidi AKA Fiberella. Learning is also enhanced by volunteered participation of students from across oceans, ages and cultures.


Paula Scaffidi presents a variety of textile topics to strike your interest and strengthen art vision. Skilled at intertwining design and technique in every eLearning course, you'll have a wealth of educational assets at your fingertips. For example, in-between meetings, Paula's effective exercises for developing sketchbook pages, practicing techniques and some sample making, connect what you're learning to your specific areas of interest.


You can expect to become inspired about your own evolving work. Fluently led with creative options, encouragement and imagination prompts you'll see your creativity expanding. Paula's eLearning courses are open to all levels as noted on upcoming. All courses are designed so everyone can fully assimilate rich eLearning content on flex time.


Paula's ultimate goal in all courses is for your eLearning experience to support, enhance and strengthen the types of projects that you love to create.




What might happen by working together, that we could'nt do as individuals?


And exploring our collective goals...

A Place to Explore Innovation, Creativity & Markmaking Together

What's new? Us, the here and now and evolving sewing technologies. What a fascinating time to be creating in textiles!
What's possible now that wasn't before? Take a peek at a variety of Free-Views in the drop down menu above.


Maybe a more interesting question...

How will we use new advances and tools to make our mark?
The one that signifies the times we are living in, the here and now of contemporary life?


We probably agree ...technology is no substitute for art. Here in the Fiberella Studio, I prefer to set aside the idea of using technology to simply pose as another decade's handwork.
Something more intriguing is calling.

Instead, there's a fresh field to wander
...a quiet new place to find our individual and collective voice. I hope to meet you there!




Paula says, "I'm looking forward to teaching and playing together in this very BIG backyard."