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Featuring my own artistic approaches to using Bernina Software products...

Every Fiberella Studio eLearning course on this page uses BERNINA specific technologies and software in a strong way, and in combination with Fiberella art basics and techniques.

So ALL of the following courses are classified, in my RED ratings as:
D - definitely a BERNINA-specific course throughout

That said, please note that BERNINA Artista Embroidery software can be used with any brand of embroidery machine. However, CutWork, PaintWork and Crystal Work are exclusive to BERNINA and for use only on specific BERNINA machines and embroidery modules.


BERNINA V6 Embroidery Software

Digitizing for Needle punch - Fiberella stitch glazing D
Digitizing for Needle punch - Fiberella motif making D
Simple Felt - needlepunch in-the-hoop Fiberella style D


Fiberella CutWork on Felt Fabric - embellishment by the batch D
Fiberella CutWork on Felt Fabric - 3D ornaments D
Fiberella CutWork on Silk Fabric - gridwork and motifs D


BERNINA needlepunch, cutwork and embroidery

Fiberella Art Bracelets by the batch D


BERNINA Paint Works

Creating a Personal Motif Collection - digitize & paint with PaintWorks D